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5-Minute SEO School: Using AI in SEO

When you think of artificial intelligence, it’s easy to conjure images of futuristic concepts, such as supercomputers, robot helpers, or cybernetic implants (or maybe that’s just the geeks out there). But, while these ideas are dramatized and seem a little far-fetched to the average person, they are still based on technology that has been or is currently being developed. Think of smart phones or voice-assisted devices like Alexa. These are all types of artificial intelligence being used in households around the world.

Artificial intelligence, or “AI” for short, is utilized across a variety of industries: Technology, of course, but also healthcare, entertainment, music, software design, and yes—marketing!

So, how does marketing, and more specifically, SEO, leverage the power of AI? Here are a few ways you can make it work for you.

Ranking Algorithms

Search engine ranking algorithms, which are the “formulas” that places like Google or Bing use to show you relevant search results, utilize AI as a core part of their function. We’ve all seen promoted posts that catch our eye because they’re related to something we have purchased or clicked on before. And have you ever seen an ad on Facebook that caters to one of your more unique interests? You might wonder how this happens. It’s because search engines and websites gather information based on what you search for, what you click on, and any purchases you make as a result. It might sound creepy to know that you’re being “tracked” like this, but it is AI at work in the world of the modern internet.

Voice Search Optimization

We have written about voice search optimization in the past, but it’s only becoming more important as voice-assisted technology improves. People across the world use devices such as Alexa or smart phone assistants such as Siri to conduct searches millions of times every day. The way people interact with their voices is much different than how they type. Understanding these differences and nuances is key to formulating a search strategy that will work for everyone.


Chatbots, which you can see on our own website, are everywhere now—they can answer simple and common questions that visitors might have, and they can direct people to areas of your site that you want them to visit. You can tell a chatbot to provide contact information and leave questions for you to answer at a later time. It sort of works as a personal assistant, helping to alleviate some of the tedium that comes along with customer service, leaving you more time to take care of the more complex and engaging tasks.

Content Creation

Identify opportunities for content. You can use AI-powered tools when creating content for your site as well. Tools like MarketMuse and exceed.ai can help you analyze content, improve weak areas, and even engage customers with human-like conversations before booking an appointment with a sales rep. There are so many possibilities, and just as many tools out there to help you if you are interested in working with AI technology.

Of course, we at Zoek are here to help you with the human end of things—and that’s something you’ll always need when marketing your business! Whether you’re interested in learning more about AI or you want to work more closely with human marketing experts, we’re here to guide you to better page rankings. Drop us a line if you would like to set up a meeting with a personal marketing consultant!

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